Terms of use

Advertising & banners

Across the site (stellaplay.com) you will find advertising that is paid by the Casinos or game providers. The paid advertising spots all include a label stating “advertising”

Referral links

Most link you find at stellaplay.com is so-called referral links, where the site will receive an amount for any new player that sign up at the destination link. This is the only way we can get something back for maintenance and to develop the site.
When a user signs up via one of our links, the user will as minimum receive the exact same welcome offer and bonuses as if you go to the casino directly, in some cases you will even get a better bonus  when you sign up via stellaplay.com, but you will never receive a worse offer or any different treatment from the casino.

Offers and Promotions

Even that we do everything we can to keep all information updated on Stellaplay.com, it happens that casinos sent out wrong information or simply just change terms for promotions without telling anyone about it, and therefore you can find information that is outdated. In cases like this, it is always the promotion shown on the destination site that is valid.