Online slots in Canada

Someone who has not played in an online casino or played a game of slots will tell you that these games are popular because of their huge jackpots. This might not be entirely true but knowing that you have a chance of winning a huge jackpot will be your motivation. When playing a slot game, you should be playing it for entertainment and not for monetary benefit.

History of Online Slots

Charles Fey is the man behind the development of slot machines. He made the first one in 1887 in San Francisco, but he already developed the first look-a-like version in 1895. This machine had three spinning reels and five symbols.
Sitman and Pitt from Brooklyn in New York also came up with a gaming machine in 1891 which had five drums which held 50 card faces, and the game was based on the poker game. The game grew in popularity and in no time they were in almost every bar. These machines did not have a payout system, and when you attained a winning combination, you would earn a free cigar or beer.
Other slots known as the one-armed bandits were developed and they issued their profits in the form of chewing gums which had fruit flavours and the one you get depended on the fruit flavour that would show on the screen. This smart way of paying out was a protection technique against the laws of gambling in the USA.

1963 saw Bally come up with a fully electromechanical slot known as the money-honey. This was the first slot machine with a bottomless hopper and an automatic payment combination that would issue as many as 500 coins. No help from an attendant was needed. This technology got rid of the side lever, and slot machines became fully electronic.

There are video slots which were developed as the first real electronic slots in 1976 by a team of developers in the Company Fortune Coin Co. in Las Vegas. This slot machines made use of a modified 19-inch colour screen from Sony. The first slot was incorporated in a cabin. This kind of slot was first placed at Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas.

Types of online slots

Three reel slots

When you have a slot with three reels, the chances are that the number of pay lines will be between one and five. These are the slots that we refer to as classic slots that do not have plenty of pay lines and will possibly have nine symbols. As for the winning combinations, they will be made up of three matching symbols.

Five reel slots

These kinds of slots will have a lot more pay lines compared to the three reel slots. The winning combinations can be formed horizontally or vertically. These pay lines can also count from corner to corner or in other different patterns and in most cases, you will find that a five reel slot will have as many as 25 pay lines or more.

Bonus Slots

There are some casinos that have these bonus slots and these games include only one payout that’s in the middle row. After spinning the reels, you will have the chance for a special bonus appearing. When this comes to play, you will get an additional bonus.

What are some of the myths associated with playing slots?

Since online slots are random and the players do not have any influence on the outcome, the game has been associated with a couple of myths. In this section, we will go over some of the myths people associate the game with.

A long pause may result in a jackpot

When you are playing a progressive jackpot slot, you might think that the chances of winning the jackpot grow every day. This is not the case; chances of bagging the jackpot are the same and are not in any way linked to the size of the jackpot.

Games that are fast will increase your chances of winning

This is another myth that players associate slot games with. This is not so; when you play a game that’s fast, your chances of losing money increase and not those of winning. Take your time when playing the slot games since your chances of winning are the same.

It’s best when you play the slot at night

This is another myth where people believe that playing a slot game at night will have your chances of winning increased. They believe so because they claim that there are more players playing at night. You need to understand that the chances of winning are the same and that it will be unethical for a casino to have their winnings turned up or down.


With online slot games, you are sure to have a great time in the casino since the games are available in different types and themes. Visit any of the casinos we have recommended and we can assure you of a breathtaking experience. We also have more articles that will furnish you on how to go about the online gaming industry.

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