Some may argue that newer video slots have something fundamental in them missing, as compared to their less widespread brothers from earlier ages. If you’re one of the people with this train of thought, then Zoom may just be the game for you.

Zoom from Thunderkick – Introduction

To get this out of the way right now, for new players, used to incredible graphics and smooth gameplay, Zoom is a somewhat not an old-timey video slot so it may take a while to get used to. Other than that, it’s a pretty decent game.

It has six reels and four rows, much like a few of the newer games from Thunderkick. The reels and rows are divided into six different areas where the zoom symbol will appear and can combine with others to form a gigantic symbol anywhere on the reels. If this happens, you’ll have earned yourself a few free spins or other bonuses

Zoom Features

For the most part, it’s difficult to find any single theme that this game revolves around. However, it’s focused mainly on fruit and fruit machines. So in a sense, the main theme of the game is of the fruity variety. Accordingly, all the symbols are in sync with this central theme. You will likely already be familiar with some, if not all of these symbols if you’ve ever run into one of Thunderkick’s games. That’s because they hold a lot of historical and cultural significance with regards to the company.

Visuals when you play Zoom

In terms of visuals and the general layout of the game, there’s nothing out of the ordinary to be offered by this game. There isn’t a singular backdrop like most other games offer. It’s rather either a sunset or a purple color with bubble popping up at random at the back of the reels. It’s an overall pretty simple game that leaves a fresh taste in the players’ mouths.

As you’d expect with any game from a major studio like Thunderkick, the graphics are exquisitely done. Not only in terms of resolution but also the art-style chosen to represent the game. Even the sound effects in the game were chosen to perfectly match your movements and the constant flow of bubbles around the theme. Even better, you’re in for a real treat if you manage to land massive symbols – a great surprise awaits you if you’re able to match supermassive symbols.

Slot Machine Symbols

Combined, there are nine different symbols in this video slot. The wild is represented by a well-defined ‘W’ and can replace any other symbols of the same variety that come into contact with it. The zoom symbol is represented by a purple block with a yellow letter ‘Z’ at the bottom of the box.

The more basic symbols in the game are from the retro-era – inspired by the kind of fruit machines that used to be commonplace a few decades ago. These are the lowest-paying of all the in-game symbols. There are different kinds of fruits and machines, each of which pays out differently. These are the: lemon, cherries, grapes and watermelon. On the other hand, the highest-paying symbols are the lucky number 7, a golden bell and a star.

Zoom Bonus Features: Fruit Mode

This game does not have any bonus features at its helm, despite all the action it has going on at every single moment. However, you can jump over into what’s referred to by the developers as the ‘fruit mode’ by collecting any five or more matching symbols. This is pretty similar to the kind of repsins offered in the company’s newer games.

Once a ‘Z’ symbol has landed on the reels, the 2×2 symbol area will be combined into a single symbol and you’ll have a free respin to use. If there are still more zoom symbols after you’ve used up your respin, you’ll get another new one.

Zoom Bonus Features: Free Spins

Just as well, Zoom does not feature any free spins, but you can land some sweet respins by collecting the ‘Z’ symbols any time they show up on the reels. Otherwise, you can also combine symbols in certain areas in order to create either supermassive or regularly massive symbols. Depending on how lucky you are, these can be so large that they can traverse half or more of the reels and lead to ultra-massive payouts.

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