Sunset Delight

Sunset delight is one of Thunderkick’s newest online gifts, for people with a sweet tooth for slots. If the game looks or feels familiar, it’s probably because this game is meant to be Sunny Scoop’s successor. If you’re keen enough, you might even notice the ice cream easter egg that has been placed in the game.

Sunset Delight Slot machine – Introduction

Starting with a setting sun backdropped against a setting purple sun, this game starts off on a bright note with the great visual delights it has to offer. An organ grinder, carnival festival and popcorn are all treats featured in the main theme of this game. And the game, of course, wouldn’t be complete without towering pillars of ice cream.

This game is set in an ice cream vendor’s kiosk, with three cones of ice cream resting in wait for their turn to be served. These three cones, each not-so-coincidentally consisting of three scoops form the base of the game – with three reels and three rows and five paylines.

Features when you play Sunset Delight

Initially, the most noticeable aspect of this game is the confectionary theme together with the accompanying graphics and soundtrack. Given Thunderkick’s inclination towards more natural and symphonic background music, the music selection option wasn’t all that surprising. To be fair though, the organ grinder does a good job of creating a great mood for playing the game, though the monkey is somewhat distracting. In the end, it’s not something that’s totally impossible to put up with.

Symbols in game

The symbols in this game are, predictably, ice cream scoops. There’s really nothing to set these apart, other than their colours. Additionally, there are waffles that serve as the games scatters, which, when combined with any ice cream scoop or when combined in threes will grant you a certain number of free spins.

There are seven different flavours of ice cream to choose from, and, depending on your luck, you could get the waffle ice cream. In this regard, Sunny Scoops and Sunny Delights are virtually mirror images of each other. The only real difference is the general atmosphere around the game together with the addition of some new delicious flavours.

The game’s Wild is represented by a sparkly ice cream scoop with a blue letter W at the front. Like in most other online slots, this wild functions to substitute any symbol that interacts with it on the same pay line.

Bonus Games available – Sunset delight

Something you may have noticed in newer Thunderkick games is a lack of bonus features. The trend continues even in this game. Sunset delight has no bonus game since it was meant to be a more minimalistic version of its predecessor. If at the same time, you’re in love with the Thunderkick-style gameplay and graphics and still want bonus action, The Rift heads in that general direction.

However, there’s thankfully a lot of free spins action inside this game, and respins aren’t all that hard to come across either. These two factors combine to more than compensate for the lack of an otherwise loved aspect of the online slot experience.

Free Spins

Scatters in this game are represented by waffles, which can be used to decorate your favourite flavour of ice cream and you’ll get awarded with a free spin. During the free spins mode, the ice cream scoops are placed one on top of the other. The more you’re able to stack, the greater the rewards you reap.

Getting three scatters on any of the reels will grant you five free spins. However, free spins can also be collected during the ‘free spins’ mode by getting one of the special waffles that show up on the reels during gameplay. Once you get these waffles, you can either proceed a single multiplier step or gain another extra spin.

Sunset Delight Conclusion

The verdict regarding this game is pretty straightforward. If you enjoyed playing Sunny Scoops, there’s a great chance you’re also going to enjoy this sequel. If you never laid a hand on the predecessor, or have never touched a game by Thunderkick Studios, this game could serve as a great introduction to the Thunderkick-style games that have proliferated the online slot space.

Otherwise, the great graphics and soundtrack are pretty novel additions to an otherwise blasé game.

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