If you’re a fan of futuristic sci-fi design, Spectra you may feel a certain attraction towards this excellent slot machine from Thunderkick. It’s an interesting mix of early Nintendo games like Space Invaders and a neon look-a-like design that gives you a special experience. This makes for a confusing yet interesting atmosphere if you’re into the retro sci-fi kind of thing. But the most important is that this game gives you excitement in the game-play.

Spectra introduction

A spectrum refers to something that exists in a wide range of states. A rainbow is a good example of a spectrum of colors. Along these lines is where the game gets its name and theme. It’s a retro-futuristic version of what an 80s film-maker would have imagined the future to be – mostly, neon lights everywhere.

That said, this game is quite a treat to experience, with visuals that are ripe enough to win a couple of awards. The dark blue backdrop of the game blends quite nicely with the dull neon colours of the symbols. The final result is a combination of some of the most pleasing aesthetics in an online slot.

This is the only extra feature, and it occurs each time a wild appears on the reels (or one position off the reels if next to a pay-line). After any payouts, the wild stack will move one place towards the centre row, and you’ll get a free spin with the wilds frozen in place. Once the wilds have reached the centre row any respins end.

Features in Spectra

Like the theme might suggest, this game is more focused on the gameplay aspect rather than populating the game with features. In other words, it’s not very heavy on bonuses, which may turn out to be quite a bummer to some people. In particular, this game does not have free spins or scatters.

However, the game remains an attractive one since the re-spins and wild nudges occur quite regularly in the game.

Wild & Re-spin feature

The wild respin is the only extra feature in this game and will appear every time a wild shows up on any one of the reels, or any reel if it’s next to a pay-line. Once you’ve earned your payouts, the wild stack moves a position forward, and you will be granted a free spin, every wild being frozen in its place all the wild. Any respins that are still ongoing will be ended once the wilds reach the center row.

Wild Nudge

In the event of a re-spin, the wilds are going to move closer to the center of the reels, a feature referred to as ‘Wild Nudge.’ This feature essentially makes your work of moving your way to a complete wild reel much easier. If in the process, you get more stacks, you earn even more respins and can reap even more wild reels.

If a wild lands at the top row your reel, for instance, it’s going to be ‘nudged’ downwards by a single unit. If a respin is triggered in this mode, you’re going to have two wilds to use to your benefit. Landing a wild will add yet another respin to your existing ones.

Symbols in Spectra

The low-paying symbols in the game are the circles, triangles, squares, diamonds and pentagons, each colour-coded and in ascending order of worth. The high-paying symbols are the clover, bell, number seven and a white bar. If you’re able to land any five of these, you will earn ten times your wager.

The last of these symbols is the multi-coloured letter ‘W’ which represents the wild. It replaces every other similar symbol and will appear in stacks of four on every occasion. If you manage to queue five of them on a payline, you’ll be granted 20x your stake.

Our thoughts on Spectra slot machine

Right from the nicely-done design and graphics to gameplay, this game is an incarnation of everything all of Thunderkick games stand for. If you’ve ever loved any of their games, there’s a great likelihood you’re also going to enjoy this one.

The game may not be as crowded as some of its brothers when it comes to features, but it has a fair, decent amount of wilds for you to exploit. At the same time, it’s still pretty high variance with a lot of small payouts and fewer big hitters.

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