Ozwins Jackpot

Ozwins Jackpot is the latest game from the popular gaming studio Yggdrasil. It’s a five-reel and 20-payline slot. It comes with some of the more common features like free spins and several bonuses but also has much less explored symbols like orbs. Additionally, it comes with five in-game slots that are all up for grabs.

If you’re one for fantasy, then the main theme in Ozwin’s Jackpots may please you. It revolves around the mighty magician eponymous to the game. He is under a curse that turns him into a Howl. He needs the help of his friend and apprentice so he can regain his human form. This can be achieved by collecting various missing crystals, and you will be rewarded for your efforts.

Symbols when you play Ozwins Jackpot

The game is populated with a variety of symbols, starting with the wizard himself, represented by the Howl. Others are the wizard’s apprentice, a compass and potion bottle. These are the higher paying symbols and don’t occur as regularly as the low-paying symbols.

Speaking of which, the low-paying symbols in this game are represented by four card suits which are encrusted in crystals.

The scatter, which triggers free spins in this game, is represented by a blue orb. Collecting any of the five crystals can also trigger free spins. The final special symbol is the Spellbook which activates the Spellbook bonus game.

Special Features

As mentioned before, landing three or more scatters are going to activate the bonus game. Inside the Spellbook bonus, you’re given the chance to pick as many as you can of 18 spellbooks. Inside these are special prizes in form of coins and crystals. Once you’ve collected all 18 scatters or revealed the spell hidden is one of the spellbooks, this bonus game ends.

On the other hand, the Free Spins can be triggered either by forming a winning combination using three or more blue orbs, where you win 10 free spins or by collecting five crystals, which will grant you 10 free spins and a jackpot orb.

Again, however, there are five types of crystals in the game and five jackpots that correspond to each of these. Depending on the kind of crystal you collect, you’ll be able to activate any one of these jackpots. Besides, the jackpot orbs only appear in Free Spins mode. If you manage to collect all five similar jackpot orbs you will have won the jackpot.

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