When the word Nirvana is used, it is often used to refer to the 90’s-grunge metal band. In this case, however, Nirvana offers you more than just an awesome sound; it offers you an opportunity to turn your bank balance around. This brilliant slot machine is provided to the online casino world by Yggdrasil, and you won’t find a lot of those around. Yggdrasil has proven that while they don’t churn out a lot of casino game slots, it is usually nothing short of brilliance when they do release on.

Features of Nirvana Slot

Design and Music

First released in 2015, Yggdrasil’s video slot Nirvana offers players five reels spanning across 20 pay lines with a house edge of 3.8%. Bets are placed as low as 20p with a maximum bet of £100.
The Nirvana slot is themed to reek of peace and tranquillity with amazing imagery that is both attractive and weird as well – one of the symbols in this slot features bunny rabbits with antlers. The chances are that the images used in this slot would get a laugh or two out of you – and a little joy as you take your shot at winning big is not exactly a bad idea.

For a comparatively smaller online casino company like Yggdrasil, the Nirvana slot is quite surprising as most companies are not very willing to put a lot of money into the design of their slots.

Music and online slots go hand in hand yet not many online casino companies seem to get their sound right. Yggdrasil’s Nirvana, on the other hand, is not one of those slots. With a rather nice and relaxing sound, this slot’s music makes your gameplay a lot more desirable.

In typical Yggdrasil fashion, the Nirvana slot machine is built for the beginner with little to no ideas about online casinos. All a player has to do is set their bet per spin (20p to £100), and then hit the button. Pretty basic!
All the in-game features in this slot are quite user-friendly so new players can easily grasp the concept.

Bonus Rounds and In-Game Features

One feature of the Nirvana slot players would find popping up frequently is the wild feature which is represented in this slot by the green gem. As with most other slots, the wild feature in Nirvana replaces all other symbols except the scatter thus making winning combinations easier to form.

Landing 2 scatters on the reels earns players one free re-spin. During this free re-spin, one of the many goddesses in this slot would become active!

Wild Seed: Players can get as much as four wilds on the screen.

Mega Reels: A mega reel happens when three reels are identical, particularly reels 2, 3, and 4. This feature is very similar to the Twin Spins slot machine were mega reels happen when three reels are linked.

Nudge Reels: This is more like a bonus reel where one of the reels is nudged to give the player another shot at winning. While the nudge reels do not guarantee wins, an extra shot at winning big is better than no shot at all.

Free Spins Feature: The free spins feature offers players a chance to go again at zero cost – this feature is activated when a player lands a certain number of scatters. Should a player get 3 scatters, then 10 free spins are awarded to the player! And the best part is that with the free spins feature, players can choose any of the features highlighted above.

Final thoughts

While we would love to say that Yggdrasil has outdone themselves with Nirvana, the slots simplistic yet attractive design, the truth remains that this fun game from Yggdrasil is a confirmation that the company has come to stay!
Contrary to most online slots, both newbie’s and experienced players would find the Nirvana slot and interface as attractive as it is exciting!

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