Lady of Fortune

The name of this game, Lady of Fortune, should already give a hint about what this game is about for most players. If not, it’s a game based on a fortune teller, and subsequently alludes to luck. If you’re one for deeper levels of symbolism, there’s also a ladybird included in the game, which will help you on your way to the big win.

Features in Lady of Fortune

The core concept behind the design of this game is minimalism, especially when it comes to features. There aren’t so many features the game feels cluttered, or so little the game doesn’t feel complete. They are designed, so the player is interrupted as little as possible during regular gameplay.

Lady of Fortune has 15 win lines, more than enough to get a chance to hit a big multiplier. If you’ve played any Play n Go slot before, this one is pretty similar to the rest of their games. You’re free to select as many as five coins on each line or adjust the coin value to suit you.

The system itself is also somewhat unconventional, if not unique. Unlike most games that start off on the left of the reel, Lady of Fortune Play n Go’s winning combinations can be hit from either direction. It’s possible to combine up to four symbols starting on the second reel or three symbols from the third.

Another thing that’s implemented differently is the autoplay feature. Most games that allow you to set the number of consecutive spins to play before stopping. Here, you simply click the start button to start autoplay and click stop when you’re ready to play manually again.

A consequence of the design choice of this game is that the game feels tidy but lacks the kind of lustre we’re used to in newer games. It’s not as appealing as some of the more mainstream title like Thunderstruck that have become ubiquitous in the online slot space. However, the choice of music was exquisite in a kind of mystical sense – definitely a welcome respite from the mundanity of the game’s graphics.

Symbols in Lady of Fortune

Symbols used in the game are objects commonly associated with good luck. These are shooting stars, a 4-leaf clover, rabbit’s foot and horseshoe. The wild symbols, which appear from time to time will earn you bonuses on top of your wins.

The top symbol in the game is the red 7, which is worth 2500 coins for a five line. Note that any 3 – 4 sequence counts as a winning combination regardless of type. Additionally, since the symbols are stacked on the reels you can hit multiple wins at the same time in a single play.

The 4-leaf clover is worth 1000 coins for a five line and the horseshoe is valued at 500. The rabbit’s foot, dice, ladybird and star are the lowest value symbols in the game.

Scatters are represented by a colourful chirpy-looking parrot dressed in an elegant hat. If you’re able to accumulate five scatters, you can win as much as five hundred times the total amount you’ve bet.

The remaining symbols serve to trigger additional bonuses. These minor symbols include a treasure map; which is composed of three parts – collecting all of which grants you the bonus map itself; a chest; collecting 3 to 5 of which will trigger unique special bonus prizes.

Special Symbols and Bonuses

The special symbols to look out for in this game are the multiplier wilds and the lady of fortune herself.

She is going to appear on the first, third and fifth reels and when she does, she triggers the bonus pick-em game, where you’re free to select any of three prizes. This may be as much as 150 times the amount you spin. When you get the Lady of Fortune on the first reel, the middle reel speeds up and getting another on any reel speeds up the fifth reel.

Finally, multiplier wilds appear in the middle reel and have a 2x – 5x written on one of their sides. Once combined with stacked symbols, these will also make multiple winning lines. Afterwards, a fountain of coins will flow from the bottom of the reel.

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