Hot Sync

Hot Sync is a relatively new game from quickspin whose looks and theme embrace old ideas and attempt to bring a new set of animations and visual appeal to the table. It’s one of those games you come across ever so often that just leave you mesmerized by the kind of beauty modern games have to offer.

Play Hot sync from Quickspin

Of course beauty without substance is a terrible, lack-lustre combination. But, as luck would have it, Hot Sync lies on the right side of the spectrum. It’s been laid out like most traditional games with 5 rows and 20 paylines. However, the range they offer for your minimum bet is the more heart-warming of the options they offer. If you’re not much of a risk-taker, this feature will greatly appeal to you.

All the while, even high-rollers have a place in the world of Hot Sync. It’s not what would be termed life-changing, per se, if you were to win, but the $5,000 non-progressive jackpot is a welcome addition and its inclusion doesn’t hurt anyone.

Hot sync Design and Features

The user-interface is pretty lacklustre and contains only the most basic options, like those in most online slots. It contains an option for changing the splash screen, if you’re the impatient kind or just don’t see the point, music, if late-90s-esque instrumental music doesn’t appeal to you, an autoplay option for changing how you play the game initially and a place to set your win and loss limits.

Symbols and Bonuses

The base symbols in the game can be found on the reels and spin within the frames. These include stars, bells, red-colored 7s and diamonds. Regarding wilds, there are two types of them – the more conventional Wild – gold-plated and earning you rewards in cash, and can replace any other symbols save for the scatter, and the Hot Sync Wild.

With that said, this game doesn’t really have any cash bonuses associated with it. The Hot Sync Wild will grant you a certain number of respins, which can be triggered by having two or more regular wilds anywhere on the reels. If that happens, the reels start glowing red-hot. Here, you’re then a victim of probability and chance – hot reels have a greater chance of producing wilds than regular ones. The triggered bonus round will end when there aren’t any more Hot Sync Wilds on any one of the reels.

Hot sync Free Spins

Lastly, no true throwback to the old would be complete without a great set free spins possible to acquire here and there within the game. Free spins can be activated by having three or more scatters. Once you manage this, you will be awarded with 8 free spins. Note, however, that scatters, unlike wilds, can only appear on the second, third or fourth reels. During the course of a free spin, a Hot Sync wild may appear. If this happens, the reel will stay hot till the round ends. The bonus round can’t be triggered in free spins mode.

Our thoughts about Hot Sync from Quick spin

At the end of the day, Hot Sync is a really fun game. Because of the graphics and the choice of gameplay options, it may not be the most appealing game in the world for most people. A particular group of people who may have a blast playing this is anyone who’s ever played Twin Spin and enjoyed it. In fact, the former seems to have drown a lot of inspiration from its distant brother – from the graphics to the soundtrack. The main difference between the two comes down to the reward system. The developers at Quickspin definitely get a pat on the back for making Hot Sync more friendly,

All in all, Hot Sync is a very enjoyable online slot. It’s a little niche because of the choice of design and setting, and not the best of games for anyone who is just starting out. However, once you get used to the flow of things, it’s very rewarding.

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