Fruit Warp

At this point, everyone has heard of Fruit Ninja – that one game that was so well-received by critics it changed the face of gaming on its heels forever. Thunderkick were headed in that general direction with the release of Fruit Warp.

The gameplay and general layout of this game are almost completely aligned with what you’d imagine a slot version of that game to be. It’s not exactly the same thing – it doesn’t involve any kind of fruit slicing, but it’s sufficiently similar to allow anyone to surmise.

Play Fruit Warp

Right off the bat, if this isn’t by far the most daring game Thunderkick has ever produced, then it’s surely the most innovative. This game doesn’t contain the conventional paylines most players are used to coming across like in more traditional games. This will be detailed a little further on.

Features & Symbols in Fruit Warp

The first mark of resemblance between this game and it’s fruity brother is the fact that all of the symbols are (obviously) fruit-related. The low-value pieces are represented by plums, strawberries, cherries and oranges. Symbols at the other end of the spectrum are grapes, bananas, pawpaws and carambolas. The highest-value of all these is the dragon fruit, which can earn you several times worth your bet. Of course, the amount you’re going to win from your wager depends on your initial bet.

Aside from the fruits, the game also includes a taste of some extra features that can be activated in various ways. The most common of these is a heart-shaped fruit, that can help you progress the fruit meter, which, when full, activates an extra game mode.

Free Spins and Bonuses

A win can be triggered by aligning three of more symbols of the same variety. Aligning four of the same symbols in a single row is going to grant you some respins that can potentially lead to replacing some of your symbols with new ones. Finally, five symbols in a row are going to trigger the bonus game – fruit mode.

Fruit Mode Bonus Game

In this game mode, every finished symbol that matches the fruit that triggered the game mode will lead to a single-step proceed in the warp meter. Some of these steps, if achieved, also trigger extra lives or multipliers. Additionally, every fruit that matches the triggering fruit also grants you an award of a free respins, unless the warp meter has filled up.

Dynamic Multipliers

Dynamic multipliers are like the regular multipliers you can find in any online slot, only they increase in value up to a point where their value is locked and can no longer go up. The number of symbols you can get in a win will determine how much the value of your multiplier goes up, which has been algorithmically straightened out from the right to the left to as even a value as it can get.

However, note that when you trigger a respin and it so happens that none of the symbols that turn up match the symbol that triggered the Fruit Mode, the extra number of lives you spend won’t directly lead to an increase in the step counter.

Visuals and Sound

The graphics in this game have been broken down to bare metal – they are as simple as can be without hurting the user experience. For instance, this game doesn’t contain the traditional reels made popular by the proliferation of games out there that feature the same. Rather, the symbols float in empty space and can interact with each other in the same way.

The backdrop is just as equally simplistic – a tropical green background with bubbles all around. Up front, there are various kinds of fruits and your symbols will be at the head of the pack. It’s an interesting concept – one that we wouldn’t mind seeing a few more games picking up in the near future.

Thoughts about Fruit Warp

True to their style, Thunderkick have once again brought something completely new to the table – right from the theme of the game to the general graphics featured. Right there in their long line of quality games we enjoy is this beauty heading the pack. If you’re interested in testing out something both novel and incredibly simple from one of the best game studios out there, this game is definitely worth the shot.

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