Forbidden Throne

Microgaming entered the market once again with a new genre, exploring new grounds with this fantasy-style slot machine game. This game features an interesting concept hardly explored by currently existing games in the market, something that makes it not only unique but perhaps one of the most exciting and profitable games to lay hands on in the recent future.

What is Forbidden Throne Microgaming?

Forbidden Throne is a 5-reel, 40-payline video slot that runs on the Microgaming Software platform. It’s a fantasy-themed slot that was inspired by the era of unicorns and phoenixes in the sky. It’s a well-designed, perfectly curated game with abundantly profound graphics.

Features in-game

The game itself comes with five reels and forty paylines, each of which is active by default but can be changed if one wishes to. The player will also start out with fifteen cells which hold different symbols over the course of the game. The player can place a maximum of ten coins on the same bet on each of the lines. In other words, the total bet per spin will vary from 40 cents to as much as $200.

It comes with a variety of symbols, from ordinary to special symbols, free spins, and the Wild Reels bonus feature. In order to use these symbols to your advantage and win, you’ll have to craft a combination of three or more of the same elements. At the same time, this has to happen at one of the active lines from left to right. In the end, only the most valuable combination is taken into account.

Payoffs from winnings are calculated according to the amount bet per line and a special index that’s usually provided for each of the possible combinations. These will vary from as little as x1 to as much as x500.

Symbols in forbidden Throne

The Forbidden Throne developers re-imagined the genre with a variety of symbols: gems, an ancient book, magic amulets, and helmets, among others. However, the most prominent symbols in the game are:

• Wild – this is represented by the Forbidden Throne logo, which drops out at each of the reels and forms its own combinations. It will replace whichever symbol it meets, save for Scatters, when necessary.
• Scatter – this is represented by a sphere and will trigger free spins by 3, 4 or 5 symbols at any point on the screen.

Bonus games

There are three bonus options inside the game, each of which can be earned in different ways while playing.

Wild Reels – These can be presented by a knight, horse, castle, eagle or girl and can be gotten from random spins. They will replace any other symbol in the game aside scatters. Scatters can also show on such reels and will trigger free spins.

Free Spins – these are triggered by scatters, such that 3, 4 or 5 scatters will trigger 10, 20 or 30 bonus spins accordingly.


Considering how well the game was designed, it really should be no surprise the control panel is so fluid and intuitive. To select a bet, open a special panel by clicking on the ‘bet’ option. From there, you can choose the number of coins you wish to wager and change the value of the coins using the ‘coins size’ option. Alternatively, you can just click on ‘bet max’ to go all in.

A new spin can be launched using the most prominent arrow on the screen and the player can take advantage of the ‘autoplay’ feature, hidden in the advanced settings option, to spin a fixed number of turns.

In the Credits and Wins tab, you can find important information regarding your balance, payoffs and a rundown of various statistics. On the bottom left corner of the screen is a special panel that has all the in-game settings and a list of the rules. If you so wish, you can even change the sound and graphics options, gameplay options and screen size.


That leaves hardly anything more to be said. Excellent design and brilliant gameplay wrap this whole game into a neat, enjoyable bundle.

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