Break da Bank


Break da Bank is a highly volatile slot machine from Microgaming with 3 reels, 3 rows and 5 paylines. As the name hint the game is all about getting the monies from the Bank and you wont find bonus games or other fancy elements, spin and hope for the best.

One thing Break da bank have in common with many other slots is the “Wild” symbol which has been known by slots lovers in many years from a wide range of different slots providers. The wilds in Break da bank substitute any other symbol on the reels and is the wild symbol part of a winning combination, your winnings will double and if you hit two wild symbols in the winning combination then you winnings will quadruple!
The big money is when you hit 3 Wilds as it will pay the bank depending on the pay line you managed to hit the 3 wilds

The game design is old fashion and might give a few flashbacks to the old days in the pub or Play halls when you chase the Bar and wilds symbols. Old fashion is not always bad and as Break da bank gives you the payout table on the same screen as you play we actually like this slot from microgaming.


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