Book of dead

Book of Dead might seem familiar to any average experienced online slot player, and yes, this slot could easily be seen as a rip-off from one of, if not the most played slot machine in land-based casinos across the world, Book of Ra. With that said, then Play’n Go have gone far to give everything when it comes to design and all other metrics, and we highly recommend all players to try it out.

About Book of Dead Play n Go

Once again, Riche Wild is off to his fanatic adventures, and this time, he’s off to explore the pyramids. You may already know the charismatic figure from his numerous other appearances in popular games from Play n GO. Now that he’s done dealing with those pesky Aztecs, he’s now off to romp with the Egyptians and find the book of legend – the Book of Dead. He does all this by exploring hidden corners of the Egyptian pyramids of dead pharaohs.

Book of Dead is an online slot that’s composed of five reels and several different slots located in a 5×3 square in the dead centre of the screen.

In this game, you can play any number of active lines from a single one to ten at once. The slot can accept any number of coins from one to five in the value range of a single cent to a dollar per line (or a cent to fifty dollars for each spin).

It comes with all the basic symbols you’d expect: wilds, scatters, free spins and expanding symbols. Winning combinations that are formed from only ordinary symbols must be aligned from the left direction to the right at any active line. As you’d expect, the highest-value combination alone is what’s taken into account at each line. Every combination is provided with a special index from x5 to a maximum of x5000. These are then multiplied against wager the player placed per line in order to calculate the payoffs. If numerous combinations are created on other lines, all the credits will be summarized.

Symbols in-game

The game symbols are all designed with respect to Egyptian symbols feature some aspect of Egyptian style and culture. This game has the following special functions designed into the gameplay:

The wild scatter is the only recurring special symbol, and it combines the functions of both the Wild and the Scatter. Once found, the book will bring payoffs independent the location it turns up at on the screen at the time. Wins are then calculated with respect to the wager.

This icon will also replace any other element whenever it’s necessary. However, there should be a minimum of three books at any respective cells in order to trigger prize wins.

Play’n Go Bonus games

The only bonus game in Book of Dead Play n Go is free spins, which will be triggered by 3 to 5 scatters. The ten free spins triggered are always at the house’s expense. The wager amount and the number of active lines does not change from the previously played round.

A single symbol will be picked randomly before this feature kicks off. It will then expand and take up the whole reel every time it shows up on the screen. Winning combinations made from these symbols can be at any part of an active line.

Game play interface

The interface is pretty much self-explanatory and doesn’t need much explanation, but we’ll do it anyway. The coin value lets you select the value of your coins, the ‘coins’ option lets you set the amount you want to wager, the ‘lines’ option lets you set the active lines you want to have, the ‘autoplay’ option lets you set the automatic game mode, where the reels spin a fixed number of times. The ‘spin’ option starts or stop the spin, the ‘gamble/collect’ option lets you play the built-in gambling feature or collect your money. The ‘paytable’ option opens the paytable, the question mark lets you go to the help option.

The paytable also has a quick rundown of all the rules, but if you want all the featured rules, you can find them in the help menu. It provides a detailed condition of the terms and conditions and all the technical aspects of the game.

What we think about Book of Dead from play’n go

If you’re a big fan of Egyptian style or just want to try it out for once, this is a great place to get your groove going. It’s a very loved game with lots of fans, and the design is quite lovely. The bonuses are quite generous and the payoffs larger than the average game.

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