One of Russia’s most famous innovations are the Matryoshka dolls. They are those tiny dolls that are contained within each other till you get to the core, which is usually the smallest one of them all. Translated from Russian, a babushka is an older woman, typically a grandmother. However, for this game, the terms are not used.

About Babushkas slot machine

The game is a typical five-reel slot with seventeen paylines. The game’s background is a symmetrical pattern of colours and a musical tune of a balalaika all the whole you play. As you’d expect, the standard symbols are represented by those dolls, which come in different colours and sizes – large to small and in orange, red, blue, green red and orange.

Bonus Features

Symbol Upgrades

Symbol upgrades usually occur during normal gameplay and can be activated whenever you hit a winning combination. When this happens, neighbouring symbols of lower value of the winning combination symbols, are going to be upgraded to match yours, if a new pay line is going to result from the move. Each time, the winnings from the new combination will be added to the original winnings. This process will continue until your combinations can no longer form new upgrades or paylines.

Eventually, your symbols may end up matching. If this happens, they are all going to be upgraded to reach the maximum value symbol – the yellow babushka. They will then turn to whitish ghost-like symbols, and you will receive a hundred times the amount you placed as your stake.

Wild Mystery Bonus

In this game, the wild symbol is represented by a babushka with a giant ‘W’ painted on its front. If it takes part in a winning combination, it will substitute all other symbols. It can also trigger various bonuses. It will only appear on the third (middle) reel. When it does, it will spin and disclose a star that’s usually hidden somewhere on the upper half of the screen. Once this happens, one of three features can be activated: Charm Bear, Scare Bear or Dance Bear.

Scare Bear – when this feature is activated all the low-value symbols are going to be upgraded. Their value can be pushed up by as many as three times their original values.

Charm Bear – While this feature is active, all the symbols on the reel will also be upgraded by a single level. However, this process will only occur once for the whole duration of the game.

Dance Bear – this feature will award seven free spins. During each of these spins, the wild symbol is going to be manifested at its regular space – the middle reel.

How to play Babuahkas

For all the features this game has, it’s thankfully well designed and super easy to get familiar using. Before you start your fun courtesy of Moscow, the first piece of advice for any player would be to adjust their wager. The last thing anyone wants is to start playing with an amount that’s much higher than they are willing to lose.

In this game, the coin values start from as low as 0.1 to 100. There’s also an autoplay feature that could come in handy if you want the reels to do their thing continuously for a preset number of rounds without being stopped. Of course, you can also stop the process any time you wish.

When you’re done adjusting your wager and exploring the interface, and you’re comfortable enough, hit the ‘Spin’ button to get started.


Babushkas from Thunderkick is a really interesting game, based around a rather unexpected theme. Combined with high-class graphic and music that fits the kind of environment of Babushkas, it comes off as a really well-designed game. This is not to mention the intricate, colourful patterns that are simply alluring to the eye. The result is a pretty fun game that’s worth trying for at least every person who especially enjoys low-variance slot machines.

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