The aptly named Alchymedes is another game from Yggdrasil, likely a twist on the name of the famed Greek philosopher and mathematician Archimedes. It’s a bit different from other games, which are based on fantasy and myth. This game, however, is based on clever twists on real-life sciences, especially various aspects of chemistry.

The game is lacking in various features prominent ones found in other games like free spins and scatters, but it does include others that are borderline innovative. This game instead includes a double payline and one of the most awesome wildcards you’ll ever come across. Altogether, there’s also the chance to play every level in up to five different ways.

Alchymedes Slotmachine

Design & Game play

As the game begins, we are introduced to the setting of the game, which is somewhere far out in the thick jungles of some unnamed place. From the building is a clean vertical column of smoke – an indication of all the experimental alchemy going on inside. The inner sanctuary is a wonderfully designed structure – a combination of a lab and study, with a glass round-bottomed flask where all the chemistry takes place. The game is set against this backdrop, with 5 reels and 30 distinct symbols.

Alchymedes is a completely different take to online slots, even when it comes to the kind of features it offers. Once you’re deep into the game, you may notice that a great chunk of the kinds of features you’re likely used to are missing. First of all, it comes with different levels of integration – with 5 reels, 4 rows and a fixed number of paylines. Getting three or more matching symbols helps you form a winning combination and a subsequent reward.

Being divided into levels, you’re required to elevate yourself from one level to the next, and in each you will have a different wild pattern. However, this game isn’t completely different from all other online slots in existence. It has a spreading wild feature implemented into it. In other words, if you receive a wild, it can multiply and occupy the whole grid.

Symbols and features

There are four different high-paying symbols, each color coded: Purple, Green, Blue and Orange. The low-paying ones are card symbols and occur the most frequently.

The wild is a glowing green bottle that could be passed off as an evil elixir or an enchanted bottle or rat poison. This replaces any other symbol it forms a winning combination with and will earn you extra rewards.

You can also choose the red potion, which is designed similar to the aforementioned green potion. This one, however, gives an x5 or less multiplier or swaps for a green potion that serves to increase the chances of landing a wild. As you climb the level ladder you can get as much as a x100 multiplier.

At the completion of each level you will trigger a feature referred to as the Alchemist’s scale. This will lead to the appearance of golden scales, on whose sides are different magic potions. Choosing between this will either lead you to increase the potential for a multiplier or wild pattern.

Despite being a completely unconventional game, this game comes with a proliferation of other features to enjoy, together with a decent number of levels (which are as many as 10,000) and wilds. Besides, the odds are slightly better than most other games you will come across – the minimum wager being $0.3 and the maximum $150.

What we think about Alchymedes slots machine

At the end of the day, Alchymedes Yggdrasil is a pretty astonishing game in terms of design and general graphics. It’s a very lovely game to enjoy – visually and acoustically aesthetic and very enjoyable all around.

Alchymedes Yggdrasil is a completely different take on what online slots are supposed to be by a company that could be at the head of a revolution. Not only in terms of progression and how the game itself is played, the game is also one of the most readily available on-demand games in the market.

It’s always great when a team of great developers sit down, practice their craft and come out with completely new and innovative masterpieces. This is a game everyone should get their hands on at one point or the other.

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