Responsible Gaming

What is responsible gambling?

In the last years, there has been more focus on Responsible gambling, both from the media, operators and regulators to have more control and to do more checks. Players need to be protected, and companies should not be aggressive with their marketing to try and lure in players, with fake offers or offers with terms which is impossible to fullfil. In the end, the increased focus is only here to help protect the players and help them only play with money they can afford.

Gambling should be fun and not used as a way to try to get rich fast, as this is nearly impossible. When you gamble online, it is all about luck and you can not affect the outcome of the bets you place, there are no skills involved in Casino games. This fact is very important for everyone to understand, as you are always the underdog when you start a game, and if you when you have been lucky.

When do I play too much?

This line is different for all people who gamble online, and it all comes down to how you feel about this. There are some advice and things you can look for to determine if you are too close to the risk group of loosing control:

  • Do you get mad when you lose?
  • Are you chasing losses?
  • Do you prefer to gamble instead of being with your friends?
  • Are you no longer enjoying gambling as when you started out playing games?

The above are just some of the signs that you should look for, and if you are in doubt then you should always contact your nearest center for problem gamblers, and the educated people will guide you further.

If you think you can’t handle your play any longer, you should contact where you will find educated people that would love to chat and help with further advice.