Lotto 649

Lotto649 is a national lottery which is native to Canada and was launched in the year 1992, and subsequently, it has grown on to become the biggest lottery in Canada. What made Lottery 649 popular was because it was the first lottery in Canada which allowed its players to select the numbers of their choice. Before this, all national lotteries in Canada came with printed numbers on their tickets and hence, the players had no option to select the numbers of their choice. The introduction of Lottery 649 led to the phasing out of other types of lottery games in Canada. Lottery 649 has a maximum Jackpot price of $64 million and gradually goes lower.

How to play Lottery 649

To start playing Lotto 649, a player is required to purchase Lotto 649 tickets which are priced at $3 for each play. The rules of the lottery are pretty easy to understand, and just as the name suggests players are required to select six numbers from one to forty-nine. If a ticket can match all the six numbers, then the jackpot price of $5 million is won. The second prize is set between $100,000 and $500,000 and to win that a ticket has to get all the five numbers correctly along with a bonus number. Lotto 649 also comes with no jackpot caps and as such if there are no winners for the jackpot, then the prize money keeps on increasing until a winner is found which stands at $64 million. Upon finding a winner, the prize money of the jackpot comes back to $5 million. In case there are multiple tickets with the same number then the prize money is split between those ticket owners.

Lottery 649 also comes with a couple of different ways to play, and they are Group Play and Encore

1. Group Play: Lottery 649 also comes with an option known as Group play wherein people pool their money, purchase Lotto tickets and play as a group. Playing together as a group increases the chances of winning and Lotto 649 also provides with Group Play tools to help organise the gameplay better.

2. Encore: Encore is a bonus game which is priced at $1 and offers the chance to players to win $1Million. There are 22 ways by which you can win an encore. There are prizes for matching the numbers either from right to left, and vice-versa or it includes a combination of both.
How to pick numbers

There are two ways by which you can pick numbers for your Lotto 649 tickets, and they are as follows.

1. Quick Pick: The first method to pick numbers for your Lotto 649 tickets is known as Quick Pick. This method involves asking the lottery retailers for a Quick Pick or by checking the Quick Pick box on the number selection slip. After you have requested for a Quick Pick, the lottery will randomly choose a single set of numbers for the first main draw and another set of numbers for the guaranteed prize draw respectively. Players can also select the number of draws they want to play for in advance by selecting it on the slip.

2. Pick yourself: The second method is pretty simple, and it simply involves allowing the player to pick both the first and second set of numbers manually. As such players can select six numbers from One to Forty-Nine and then place then hope for the best.

How to play Lotto 649 for Non-Canadian Residents

For players who are interested in playing Lotto 649 but do not reside in Canada, there is a way by which they can also participate in the lottery. And this does not involve coming to Canada, but it involves using the services of online ticket providers. As such playing Lotto 649 online is the best alternative for Non-Canadian Residents. There are many websites which play the role of messengers and as such play on behalf of the players. They will take care of all the formalities required for purchasing the tickets and will also ensure that in case a person wins prize money it is handled safely to the winner. Most online sites will require an interested player to sign up and will require the submission of personal information which includes the name, email, address, country, mobile number etc. Some online sites also offer added benefits and bonuses as well for using their services.

How to claim the prize

In case a person has won the jackpot prize, the winner is required to the go to the OLG Prize Center with the originally signed ticket, a customer receipt, identification proof and a prize claim declaration form. After all the verification process has been completed, the prize money will be handed over to the winner.

How secure is Lottery649

Lotto 6/49 drawings are done in a lottery machine known as Smartplay Halogen II, and they are drawn every Saturday and Wednesday in Toronto. All the Forty-Nine balls are manufactured under strict conditions and are tested regularly to ensure that each ball meets the required specifications. An independent auditing firm performs an audit on the draw to ensure its integrity too. The Random Number Generator that is used to generate numbers is also inspected thoroughly too. Besides, some third-party experts also perform tests and certify the software which is used in the Random Number Generator. Follow their offical website for more in information


Though Lottery 649 might not come with the highest prize money like some of the other competitors too, there are many reasons why it is still such a very popular lottery in Canada. Lotto 649 is known for having very good odds which stand at 1 to 13 million making it easier to win, unlike some big lotteries whose odds stand in the hundreds of millions. Lottery 649’s absence of a jackpot cap also makes things much more interesting and thus allows players to win huge sums of money if there are no winners for multiple weeks. Also, the fact that Canada does not tax lottery winnings further sweetens the deal. Therefore all these things combine to make Lottery 6/49 a great lottery to be played.

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Lotto 649 info

Name: Lotto 649
Established: June 12, 1982
Drawings: Wednesday and Saturday after 7:30 pm PT

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