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Did you know that online lottery betting sites give you the chance to play the biggest draws via your desktop and mobile? From Mega Millions and Powerball to El Gordo, Euro Millions, and SuperEnalotto, there are multiple ways to play for jackpots worth $100 million+. However, before you start picking numbers, we need to explain a few things. So, without further delay, here’s how to play lotteries online, how they work, and how you could win life-changing sums of money.


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Can You Play Lotteries Online?

Yes, you can. In fact, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you can speculate on various online lottery draws via your desktop or mobile. From in-house lotteries to lottery betting sites and official draws, today’s online gaming world has you covered from every angle.

The borders is no longer a limit when it come to buying lottery lotteries around the world, with the raise of online betting sites, lotteries has become very popular in the recent years and many talk about the fact that they can buy tickets in more or less any lottery as the reason for the increased popularity.

While you are technically betting on the outcome of a lottery, then the prices, numbers, draws is all the same and you will never feel any difference between buying a ticket in the local ticket shot or buying it online on a betting site. We will take you through what this means for the consumer and why there is no difference, further down this page.

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How Can I Play Lotteries Online?

The ways you can play online lotteries will vary depending on where you live. However, as a general rule, there are three main options:

Direct Entry

There are plenty of ways to buy lottery tickets online. You will, however, be limited by your location. For example, if you live in the UK, it’s possible to buy National Lotto tickets online. These are official tickets for the weekly draw and entitle you to exactly the same prizes as someone who bought their ticket in a store. The only difference is that your ticket is digital and kept online.

What you can’t do, however, is buy a UK National Lotto ticket via the internet if you live in Canada, the US, France, or any other country. Basically, if you’re not in the UK, you can’t play. It’s the same for other official online lotteries. Mega Millions is one of the biggest lotteries in the world. However, you can only buy a ticket online if you live in certain US states, including Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

Canada’s largest lotteries also have geolocation restrictions. The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission regulates all forms of live and online gambling in the region. It also controls the lottery. As such, it sells lottery tickets online for various draws, including Lotto 649, the Daily Grand, and Lotto Max. Again, however, you have to be a resident/present in Ontario to play. So, while direct entry is possible, it’s not available everywhere. Moreover, there will be local restrictions as to who can play lotteries online. 

Online Lottery Betting Sites

Lottery betting sites were designed to overcome geolocation restrictions. Using the latest online betting technology and working within international gaming laws, various companies have made it possible for everyone to play lotteries online. Of course, if you’re underage or in a region where online gambling is illegal, you won’t be able to play. However, if you’re old enough and everything else checks out, lottery betting sites let you speculate on the world’s biggest draws.

Multi Lotto is one such site. This online lottery operator allows you to bet on draws. What does that mean? Well, in simple terms, you can bet on lottery numbers. No, this isn’t like betting on sports. Operators don’t offer odds such as +130 on Number #6 or -200 on Number #25. Lottery betting means that you’re speculating on the outcome of a draw rather than investing in it. To explain what this means in practice, here’s how you can bet on lotteries:

  1. Click here to join Multi Lotto.
  2. Create an account and make a deposit.
  3. Scroll through the lobby and pick a draw e.g. Powerball, Mega Millions, Euro Millions etc.
  4. Pick the required numbers to fill up a ticket/s.
  5. Confirm how many tickets you want to purchase and the date of the draw.
  6. Pay for your ticket and wait.

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Online Casino Lotteries

The final way to play lotteries online is via in-house games. These draws won’t be available at every casino site, but there are places you can play various lotto-style games. Everything is done in-house. In other words, the draws are controlled by the casino operator and only open to its customers. That means prizes will be smaller than major lotteries. However, these are a nice little add-on to some of the top online casinos in Canada.

You’re Betting on the Outcome

As you can see, the steps required to bet on lotteries are identical to buying tickets directly from an official seller. The difference, however, is that you’re not actually buying a ticket. When you play like this, you’re making a bet with the operator i.e. Multi Lotto, in this example. You’re not buying an official lottery ticket and you don’t have a stake in the draw.

What you have instead is a legal bet on the outcome of the draw. This is no different to a standard sports bet. The rules of this bet match those of the official draw. The potential payouts match those of the draw. So, if you match enough numbers, that’s classed as a winning bet. The operator is legally bound to pay out on this bet in line with what you’d have won if you’d bought a lotto ticket.


Let’s say you bet on the Mega Millions via Multi Lotto. You pick (i.e. bet on) six numbers and the jackpot is $50 million. The draw takes place, and you match all six numbers. At this point, you’ll have a winning bet and Multi Lotto owes you $50 million. It’s that simple. You’re playing lotteries online with the betting site, not the company in control of the lottery.

So, in this example, you could win the $50 million jackpot even if someone won the official jackpot. Basically, you’re betting on draws from afar and this means you’re not subject to geolocation restrictions. That’s important because it means you can play any game from anywhere in the world. As we’ve said, direct entry is only available if you’re the right region. However, with online lottery betting sites, you can bet on draws in the US, Canada, Europe, and beyond, regardless of where you live.

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Three Reasons to Buy Lottery Tickets Online

The best reason to play lotteries online is accessibility. By accessibility we mean that it’s convenient, but we also mean that you’re not restricted by local gaming laws. Betting on lotteries allows you to speculate on draws rather than investing in them directly.

That allows you to play all manner of lotteries, even if they’re not available in your country. In our opinion, this is the best reason to play lotteries online. However, it’s not the only one. Just in case you need a few more reasons to join our recommended lottery sites, here are three:

Speed and Efficiency

Betting online is easy; we all know that. Playing lotteries via your mobile or desktop device is no exception. Everything is in one place. You can make deposits, make your picks, and make withdrawals all in one place. Beyond that, lottery betting sites have quick-pick options, and you can play multiple draws. This could be multiple tickets for multiple draws or multiple tickets for a single draw.

For example, you could bet on Euro Millions, Powerball, and El Gordo all in one day. Alternatively, if you want to play Powerball every week for the next six months, you can do that as well. As well as letting you pay for tickets ahead of time, the best lottery betting sites give you the option to set up direct debits. This means the operator takes payments from a nominated account (your betting account or bank account) for as long as you specify.

Bonuses and Promotions

There’s nothing wrong with visiting your local store and buying a lotto ticket. However, other than a polite hello and goodbye, you won’t get anything extra for your money. Play online lotteries and you’ll get a whole lot more.

Our recommended lotto sites offer a variety of bonuses and promotions. From welcome rewards and discounts to free tickets, there are plenty of ways to get something extra. Therefore, if you want to spend less but still have a chance at winning multi-million-dollar jackpots, online lottery sites are perfect.

Safe, Secure, and Legal

An underrated but huge benefit of playing online lotteries is safety. First off, betting on lotteries is legal, so don’t worry about that. Secondly, because lotto betting sites are legal, they’re also regulated. That means their payment options are safe, your personal details are safe, and your ticket is safe.

When you play the best lotteries online, you don’t have to worry about keeping your ticket in a memorable place. Every transaction is logged and stored in a database. Therefore, if you win, your prize is guaranteed, which means you won’t become one of those people who missed out on millions because they lost their ticket.

Play the Best Lotteries Online Today

These are three great reasons to play lotteries online. However, above all else, it’s fun. Our top-rated lottery betting sites are packed with fantastic features and will give you the best experience possible. So, if you’re eager to play for prizes topping $100 million, make sure you check out our partner sites and try online lottery betting today!

Frequently questions about lotteries online

What are my payment options?
Buying an online lottery ticket is a very different process from the traditional lottery. Online lotteries focus on one thing when it comes to accepting payment options: flexibility. There are numerous ways you can deposit or withdraw with online lotteries on top of the usual suspects such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Top-notch sites have a lot more options than that, though. Some will accept Bitcoin, while others offer an unthinkable 30 different ways to deposit. This may seem overwhelming, but it also allows players from all over the world with all sorts of banking systems to participate. The most common after the big three credit cards are NETeller, Skrill, giropay, Sofort, PayPal, and Apple Wallet and other online e-wallets.
How do I claim my lottery winnings?
Most online lotteries will notify you via email or SMS when you've won. You can receive your winnings through a direct deposit, or in person. Some sites have put together a system that can automatically deposit your money up to a certain amount, but once your winnings go over that threshold, you might have to go claim your prize in person. The threshold is generally pretty high, so having to pick up winnings in person doesn't happen exceedingly often. For those times you get really lucky and win a huge prize, however, lottery sites can claim the money on your behalf so you don't have to travel far. They can then send you a check for the winnings, or direct you to their nearest office.
How can i make sure the lottery site is secure?
Reputable online lotto sites will always have a certain amount of security measures that ensure that their daily transactions remain safe from malicious activity. High-quality SSL encryption is basically a baseline in terms of security, so those with other security logos featured prominently on their website score some extra safety points. These legitimate lotto sites are also regulated by official gambling commissions or state governments. This official association means they're operating under strict rules, which can give you peace of mind. To protect yourself further, be sure to read the 'Terms Of Use' and 'Privacy Policies' that are featured on these sites.

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