Blackjack Payout and Odds

What are the odds and payouts of blackjack?

Odds in blackjack

The odds of winning or losing at blackjack are determined not just by your play and tactic but also by the rules that are set by the house. Different casinos have different variations of regulations and moves you are allowed to make. But there are some standard rules which are uniformly accepted in all casinos. You have to be aware of these universal rules as well as the casino-specific variations so that you can come up with the most efficient strategy.

With the correct strategy and the right moves, you can reduce the house’s advantage down to 0.5% or less. But this requires employing a systematic approach like the one explained above. Using a strategy involves basic card counting and mathematical probabilities to figure out the best odds of winning and decreasing the odds of losing money. If you do not use an organized strategy, you increase the edge that the house has when playing. It means if you decide to play just on impulse or instinct the advantage of the house can go up to even 5%. This is a significant margin of benefit for the house to have.

When it comes to insurance, the general rule is that one should not opt for it. The reason is that even if it sounds promising, it benefits the house more in the long run. For example, if the game is using one deck, the effect of insurance on the odds is over 5.8%. If you are using 8 decks, the effect of insurance on the odds is 7.4%. Neither of these odds is a good deal for the player. Therefore, unless your card counting is exceptionally accurate, it is usually a better plan to avoid paying insurance.

Payout in blackjack

The payouts in blackjack are usually found in regular rates in all casinos, barring a few variations that you may find here and there. These are the standard payout plans:

1. 3:2 is the ratio of payout when the player gets a blackjack and beats the dealer’s cards. For example, if you wager an amount of $10, and got a blackjack to beat the dealer’s hand, your payout will be $15. So, 15:10 = 3:2.

2. If you win by beating the dealer’s cards without getting a blackjack, your payout is 1:1. So if you bet $5, you get an additional $5.

3. If both you and the dealer gets the same value, it’s a ‘push’. No money exchanges hands.

4. If the dealer gets a blackjack or a better hand than you, he takes your original bet, and you have to place your wager again to continue.

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